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  • What separates us from other companies?
    There are many unique qualities at Pinnacle that put us a head above our competitors! Firstly, we are the only company in Oregon that specializes in deck restoration! This is so imperative for our success. Deck restoration is a highly delicate process, there is no room for error. This is why we've worked tirelessly at adapting to the unique circumstances and having a solution for everything! Beyond that, our other services are only done by professionals qualified to do so. When hiring pressure washers, or moss treatment techs, we search high and low for experts in those fields. Our model for deck restoration has been extended to each of our services. Great customer service is nothing without a high quality finished product. We take care of your property like we would our own, with great care.
  • How often should my deck be stained?
    This is entirely dependent on your deck, which is why we love to give quotes in person so that we can give you as much detail as possible that day! Some variables might be the location of the deck, the type of wood, the humidity, the type of stain, the upkeep, as well as other things. The general range can be anywhere from 2-6 years! Touch ups can also be helpful with extending that range.
  • How are projects priced?
    There are many variables. Depending on the service, we take a look at things such as square footage, condition, labor required, and any particular need of the customer. We always give a complete breakdown. Our saying is “an informed customer is a Pinnacle Decks customer”!
  • How long will the project take to complete?
    Never too long! Pressure Washing, Moss Treatment, and Christmas lighting is almost always done within the start day. Deck restoration is our most delicate service with the minimum duration being two days. The average is generally 2-4 days.
  • What is the deck restoration process?
    Every deck project begins by sanding the old stain completely off, exposing bare wood. This is followed by an application of our prepping solution that settles overnight. The glamour of the process happens the next day, the staining, this gives the “oohhs and aahhs”. We take care of sealing in conjunction with staining. The final product is that much more satisfying when you understand what goes into it!
  • What benefit will epoxy floors bring my home?
    By adding Epoxy/Polyaspartic garage floor coatings will protect the concrete from unsightly oil stains and scrapes. You also won’t have to worry about it fading over time, they're durable/resistant, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals. For a modest price, you can give your garage floor a high-end finish that you’d expect in a luxury home.
  • What are Terms & Conditions?
    Businesses require consent from their customers to send out messages via their business line. By accepting the terms and conditions you the customer are opting in to receive communications from Pinnacle Decks. You will not be signed up for spam and we safeguard your safety and security.
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